Anirudh Badam (ani)

CTO & Co-Founder @
Technical Advisor @ LL Funds LLC.
Formerly Principal Researcher @ Microsoft

Contact: <last_name> AT alloan DOT ai


I am working on something at the intersection of lending and generative AI at As part of this, I am also a Technical Advisor to LL Funds LLC. I am generally interested in recognizing patterns in data & behavior of computer systems/algorithms at scale and leveraging those to build largescale intelligent applications/services.

Formerly, I was a director of engineering at Microsoft. I worked in the Research for Industry group that focuses on solving the hardest problems faced by commercial industry sectors such as agriculture (project FarmBeats), food, retail, finance, energy, etc using machine learning and data-oriented approaches. Before that, I worked on new memory technologies (project Navamem) to improve data center storage systems, and battery optimization systems (Battery Research at Microsoft) to improve personal and mobile computing. 

My research @ Microsoft over a decade or so has won multiple awards and has impacted personal computers, data centers, and cloud services that are used by 100s of millions of people across the world. My PhD research was recognized as one of the Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2009 by MIT Technology Review magazine and the IP was commercially licensed to cutting edge tech companies at the time. I have published many papers at top computer science venues (e.g., SOSP, OSDI, ISCA, ASPLOS, SIGCOMM, NSDI, MobiCom, HotOS, HotNets, FAST, ATC, EuroSys) and patented several cutting-edge ideas in tech over the last 15+ years. Refer to my google scholar profile for details.

I have a Master's & PhD from Princeton University (2008 & 2012), and a B.Tech from IIT Madras (2006) in computer science. I joined Microsoft Research in September 2012. I grew up in Hyderabad. I can speak Telugu, Hindi, and English fluently. I can speak broken Tamil and Japanese. I love music (Carnatic is my favorite) and have been learning to play the guitar the last couple of years.

CV available on request.